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Fallout 4 mod Northern Springs brings expansive icy wasteland to the Commonwealth

Now that's what I call a nuclear winter.

Over two years have passed since Fallout 4 was released, but for some the main game was simply not enough to satisfy their Fallout cravings, and many turned to modding to reinvent their favourite post-apocalyptic world. In the search for some Fallout 4 après-ski, one player has produced a mod known as Northern Springs DLC: a massive fan-made expansion which adds a new snowy area to the game.

The free mod, created by 'Jshrapnelc' and available on NexusMods, claims to add a location bigger than even Bethesda's official Far Harbor and Nuka World DLC. As with many Fallout DLCs, the mod appears to begin with a quest in the Commonwealth that will see the player venture North to a brand new icy wasteland.

Once in Northern Springs, players can expect to find a wealth of new locations, with the mod creator claiming there are over 50 original map markers to be discovered in the area. The mod description also promises brand new weapons and armour, four new followers and several unique quest lines based on the game's lore.

Remember that Vault Tec guy from the very start of Fallout 4? Well, he's back, and apparently looking for vengeance.

If you still can't shake the ghost of Preston Garvey, there's also an opportunity to continue building settlements, with three locations earmarked for building in the area. For those just looking to make some caps, there are four jobs to help you earn a living, including Cage Fighter, Deathclaw Hunter, Book Collector and Bounty Hunter. CVs with rads under 10 now accepted.

This journey into the North, however, is not for the faint-hearted. The modder recommends players reach at least level 40 before attempting to take on the challenge, and warns Northern Springs features hordes of feral ghouls and frozen giant mirelurks. Not exactly a winter wonderland, it would seem.

Say hello to Blaze: a powerful Super Mutant companion who can be unlocked by completing a quest.

According to Jshrapnelcm, the fan-made DLC took over two years to make, which is perhaps unsurprising given the enormous scale of the mod. The creator also included original voice acting for the characters, and even composed an official Northern Springs soundtrack. (If you were wondering, it uses a mix of synths, electronic instruments and guitar to create an ominous futuristic vibe. It's pretty fun.)

For players looking to download the mod, it's worth noting the free DLC is still in beta. There are still a fair number of bugs to be ironed out, but from the feedback on NexusMods, players seem to be enjoying the mod regardless. In the Northern Springs blog, modder Jshrapnelcm has promised that future updates will feature more quests, more lore, a voiced main protagonist and an even bigger world expansion. Plenty for players to keep an eye on.

If you want to set off on your own polar adventure, you can download the Northern Springs mod for free on NexusMods.

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