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Fallout 4 mod lets you play as Dogmeat

It's a dog eat dog world out there.

A Fallout 4 modder has created a mod that lets you play as everyone's favourite Commonwealth canine: Dogmeat.

Dubbed Be The Dog, the mod by AbbaLovesyou on NexusMods actually lets you play as any dog in the Fallout 4 universe, be it a raider dog, feral vicious dog, or Dogmeat. But who wouldn't pick Dogmeat?

Being a dog, you're limited to four attacks: two basic bites, a jumping bite while standing still, and a running jumping bite while moving forward.

There are a few issues with this mod, however. For one, you can't equip the Pip-Boy in first-person, so you'll have to make do without a HUD.

Secondly, the game will crash after the intro, lest you turn back into a human. AbbaLovesyou recommended loading a save before you leave Vault 111.

Now witness this 16-minute video of YouTuber Mephykuns playing through Fallout 4 as a pooch.

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