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A closer look at Fallout 4's high-res screenshots


We've just received a bunch of high-res screenshots taken from this week's Fallout 4 reveal and thought we'd share them below for your viewing pleasure.

We've also had a close look at the screenshots, coming up with theories on what they tell us about Fallout 4. Here's our analysis, shot by shot:

This chap looks like a post-apocalyptic Michael Jackson, but if you zoom in to his right hand you'll notice what looks like a mechanical claw. Is he human, or robot? Fans have speculated that he could be the Fallout series' mysterious The Stranger character based upon his trenchcoat and hat attire.

Squint at the image's top left and you'll see a sign for Boston's downtown Scollay Square district. The "Memory Den" sign may simply be the name of a local pub, or it could hint at a shop for android citizens. Could The Institute, Fallout's post-apocalyptic version of MIT, be responsible?

Fallout's recurring Deathclaw enemy species is back, this time with horns and extra scales on its back. Does this signal that yet more time has passed since the world collapsed, allowing for further evolution? Or is it simply just the Boston breed?

Here's our new Fallout hero and his trusty canine companion who may or may not be called Colin. Note the blue and yellow Vault dweller suit, emblazoned with '111' on the back. More on that later. Look closely at the weapon he's holding, and it looks like it's been cobbled together with gaffer tape. Perhaps full-blown crafting is in Fallout 4.

Mister Handy makes a return in this look at a pre-war world. Will we be able to explore sections before the war, or will our trips here be limited to flashbacks in cut-scenes?

Not much to this one except a possible sighting of Fallout's Red Rocket gasoline brand. But this is also a good time to note how colourful Fallout 4's world looks, especially in comparison to the drab desert areas of Fallout 3.

The buildings here look like they began construction in the new post-war world, with metal salvaged from containers. In the foreground we see a faithful Protectron, rusty but painted in a lovely mint green.

Derelict city in Fallout 4 with soldier stood in front of a rusty building.
Image credit: Bethesda

One of the more recognisable buildings in the trailer was this post-war Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. The white diamond shape on the front points to references of a White Diamond City. It looks like the baseball ground has been fortified into a stronghold for us to explore. Elsewhere in the trailer we get a shot of The Diamond City Surplus, no doubt located inside Diamond City.

Vault 111 is the new bunker that you will emerge from - vertically, this time. Eagle-eyed conspiracy theorists have noticed the valve on the door's top right and that 1 + 1 + 1 = 3. Half-Life 3 confirmed.

We conclude our photographic tour with this look at a derelict bus and a couple of ranging Super Mutants. Note the gibbet in the background.

Next up, watch a full breakdown of the Fallout 4 trailer, as Johnny combs through the footage frame by frame for even more Fallout teasers:

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