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Fallout 4 exploit makes rubbish bins an OP weapon

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Fallout 4's most protective gear isn't its power armour - it's its rubbish bins.

As documented by Redditor Quinchilion, these lightweight metallic wicker waste receptacles double as indestructible forces of nature, capable of shielding oneself from an explosion.

"I was first trying to throw the grenade at the ground near the mines and then cover it all up with the bin, but the grenade wasn't very cooperative and kept going all over the place. Then I realised it would be much easier to do it like this instead," Quinchilion wrote.

"You can actually use this trick in combat. Throw a nade in the bin and rotate it away from you and towards a charging ghoul. Poor guy's explosive shotgun."

Hilariously, this trick was once documented by YouTuber Matt Gribble as a technique inadvertently employed by a wayward radroach.

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