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Fallout 3 unbanned in Australia

Edited submission gets Skippy's approval.

Australia has decided to unban Fallout 3 and reclassify the game with an MA 15+ title, which happens to be the highest rating in the entire country.

The Office of Film and Literature judged a resubmitted version of the post-apocalyptic role-playing game to be suitable for sale in the region, as the "reward and incentive" for in-game drug abuse had been toned down, according to GameSpot.

However, there is no confirmation of exactly what changes were made.

Using naughty substances plays a large part in Fallout 3, which proved a major sticking point in the original ruling.

"In the Board's view, these realistic visual representation of drugs and their delivery method bring the 'science-fiction' drugs in line with 'real-world' drugs," said the OFLC.

Fallout 3 is yet to be rated in the UK, but is expected on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 sometime this autumn. Online retailers suggest October.

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