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Factor 5 finishes Lair

US version out soon.

Factor 5 has finished work on Lair, with the North American version currently in manufacturing ahead of its 14th August release.

That's the word from associate producer Ryan Hamlyn, anyway, speaking on the official US Sony blog.

"For us, there's still a bit of work to do, as we have localisation to finish up for Europe, Japan, Korea, and more, which will all hopefully follow very soon," he added.

"Once those are out, our leaderboards will truly be global, and then we can see once and for all who the best Lair players are out there! The gauntlet has been thrown, and North American players are getting Lair first, so don't give that advantage away." Yeah cheers.

He means "buy it", obviously, which is what we'll probably end up doing in the name of telling you whether it's any good. Aren't we great? If Lair is, its gamepage will be the place to find out.