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Euro CoD4 special edition joy

With actual real SAS film.

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Activision has told us that persistent Call of Duty 4 fans from the UK have forced the publisher to release a special edition box here - just like we forced it to do a Beta Test here.

And boy oh boy has it got some treats in it. Best of which is clearly the two-and-a-half hours of SAS footage that details the elite soldiers' history from their formation in the Second World War up to modern day conflicts.

There's also less interesting stuff like a "Making of" documentary and level walkthrough by developer Infinity Ward, plus an absolutely spiffing hardcover art book with lots of lovely concept pictures from the game - most you probably have never seen before.

You PC owners will have to download your guide from BradyGames on the Internet, but otherwise everything will be the same.

The special edition featuring an SAS DVD made by actual real soldiers with guns will go on sale alongside the normal game on 9th November. Prices are bombing baddies at around the GBP 39.99 mark for PC and GBP 49.99 for 360.

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