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Euro Call of Duty double-XP week

Starting on Friday for PC and 360.

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Activision has confirmed that the Call of Duty: World at War double-experience promotion in the US next week will also take place in Europe.

From 8pm GMT on Friday, 5th December, anyone who bought the Limited Collector's Edition on PC or Xbox 360 will receive double experience points playing online.

As with the US promotion, 360 owners will need to access special "Officer's Club" playlists, and have successfully activated their limited-edition status. There are details on how to do that on the Call of Duty website.

The COD: WAW double experience week lasts, amazingly, for a week, which means that it's all over at 7.59pm GMT on Friday, 12th December.

And if you didn't buy a copy of the Limited Collector's Edition, don't fret, because we've got five of each to give away on PC and 360.

Head to our competition page to try and nab one, which will be delivered to you for Friday morning to take part.

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