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Epic has no 10-year Gears plan - Rein

But VP appreciates enthusiasm.

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Epic power-dresser Mark Rein has politely rubbished suggestions that the company has a "ten-year plan" for the Gears of War series.

"No, we do not," Rein told VG247, stamping out claims made by Gears writer Joshua Ortega at Comic-Con over the weekend.

"In this industry you can't plan games very far in advance. We appreciate the enthusiasm Josh has for our franchise but we don't have a ten-year plan. We always have ideas of where we'd like it to go but it's determined on a game-by-game basis and ultimately by fan support.

"Our focus right now is supporting the Gears of War 2 game and community," he added.

Rein went on to reveal there was no plan for Gears of War beyond the current hardware generation. How long these machines will be around for, however, is unknown; certainly Sony favours the long-term, and Microsoft wants the Xbox 360 to stay on the market longer than the original Xbox.

But for now, Rein and Epic are focused on Title Update 3 for Gears of War 2. This will add an experience point system to online multiplayer, which lets players level-up over time and display their commitment with a bright, flashy number.

Title Update 3 will be out in the "near future", with possible map DLC featuring extra Achievements tied to the new levels to follow.

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