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Endless Space 2's Awakening expansion out next week, introduces new Nakalim faction

And the Academy becomes an empire.

Endless Space 2, developer Amplitude's 4X sci-fi strategy game, will be venturing further into the unknown next week, 12th September, with the arrival of its latest expansion, Awakening.

This latest Endless Space 2 expansion is being handled by NGD Studios (the same team responsible for Endless Legends' Inferno and Symbiosis expansions), and introduces a brand-new major faction in the form of the Nakalim.

The Nakalim ("a once vast galactic empire, now fallen into decline", according to Amplitude), are an extremely technologically advanced society, meaning those opting to play as the faction get a significant technology head-start, but weaker science.

And although players will need to discover lost Relics in order to advance their technologies further, they do get a boost in other areas - specifically, being able to gain control of other systems by leveraging their relationship with the Academy.

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Endless Space 2's Awakening expansion also introduces four new Nakalim heroes - suitable for exploration, developing systems, and diplomatic influence - and grants players access to the faction's heavily defended, exploration-oriented fleets.

Elsewhere, there's a new minor faction in the form of "Dust-sensitive philosophers", the Xirmisala, and the Academy becomes an empire, able to manage star systems, command fleets, and colonise new worlds in its quest for galactic supremacy. Those willing to assist will earn Academy Roles - such as Master of Dust, Vault Keeper, and Librarian - as well as Named Ships.

Endless Space 2's Awakening expansion launches next Thursday, 12th September, on Steam. It will cost £10.99/$11.69 USD, and there's a 10% pre-order discount until release day.