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Endless Space 2 launches on Steam Early Access next week

To infinity and beyond.

Endless Space 2, the promising-looking 4X strategy game, launches on Steam as an Early Access title on 6th October.

The Early Access version includes four of the eight factions planned for the full release (there's no word on price yet).

"We want to make a good first impression and want to deliver a version that should be as polished as what we've gotten you used to," developer Amplitude said.

"Therefore, the game you will be able to play next week is the alpha version of Endless Space 2: it will be missing some features which aren't implemented yet, but will also include mechanics we want to improve with your help. Note that the core gameplay will be there, so you'll get a good idea of what the game is about already."

As the self-appointed Strategy King, our Chris Bratt is a big fan of Endless Space and, Amplitude, which Sega recently added to its growing list of PC-focused studios.

Here's what Chris said of Endless Space 2:

"Unlike most 4X strategy games, which rely primarily on number breakdowns when conveying the outcome of their battles, Endless Space 2 is promising to add some real spectacle."

Chris made a 32 minute Endless Space 2 gameplay video, below, to illustrate his point. (Skip to the 30 minute mark to see the battles in question.)

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Endless Space 2


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