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Endless Space 2 will launch on Early Access this Summer

And it wants you to design its next faction.

Endless Space 2 will initially be released on Steam Early Access this summer, although the exact date is yet to be confirmed.

Alongside this announcement, Amplitude Studios also revealed the game's first two factions: the Sophons and the Cravers. Both of these made their debut in the original Endless Space.

Cover image for YouTube videoEndless Space 2 - The Sophons - Prologue
Cover image for YouTube videoEndless Space 2 - The Cravers - Prologue

Speaking of factions, Amplitude is now looking to its fanbase for further inspiration. A contest begins today in which players can submit their own ideas for a new Endless Space 2 faction.

Stuck for ideas? No worries. Here are some of mine, to get you started.


Every good sci-fi universe needs at least one alien race with more eyes than seems entirely necessary.

The Whole-lotta-eyes tick that box in Endless Space 2.

I'm not sure how many pairs of eyes they should have yet, exactly. Maybe their eyes don't even come in pairs? It could be an odd number.

But yeah, they'll have plenty of them.

The Eternal Suffering

You know when you make fun of one of your mates for being a bit too nice and come up with an ironic nickname? Like, your friend Jeff who's really chilled out. You might call him "Angry Jeff" as a bit of a lark.

Then, eventually, it becomes such a natural nickname that you start introducing him to other people as Angry Jeff, without really thinking about it, or providing the necessary context. Suddenly, Jeff starts getting a bad reputation.

This is exactly what happened with "The Eternal Suffering".

In reality, they're quite a nice bunch.


I don't really have the details nailed down for this one, but I like the idea of a faction where everyone is just called Stephen.