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Elden Ring surpasses 20m sales

Elden Bling.

Elden Ring has topped 20m sales.

That's according to a recent Bandai Namco investor report (via ResetEra), which confirmed that the publisher has sold 20.5 million units of From Software's seminal adventure since it launched back in February 2022.

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"Repeat sales of existing titles such as Elden Ring were strong, especially overseas, worldwide sales reaching 20.5 million," the report said. "New worldwide titles got off to slow starts, but smaller more medium-sized products moved steadily.

“We expect a pullback in repeat Elden Ring sales, which made a particularly large contribution to this previous year,” a translation of the report adds.

In related Elden Ring-flavoured news, modding community The Garden of Eyes has revealed the first original boss it will add to Elden Ring in a forthcoming mod.

The Garden of Eyes Overhaul Mod is still in development, but will add unique weapons, armours, spells, and new mechanics in what is dubbed a "fan-made DLC". The group's latest uodate is a showcase of new boss Oedon the Primeval Current.

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