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Elden Ring footage quietly leaked several weeks ago - and now it's being shared publicly

Circular logic.

A string of Elden Ring whispers and a report detailing leaked gameplay footage point to an impending reveal of new information on the under-wraps FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin collaboration.

The industry chatter has served to reassure some fans concerned by the fact they had not heard anything more of the project since its announcement at E3 in June 2019.

Elden Ring's official announcement trailer from E3 2019.Watch on YouTube

Over the weekend, Venturebeat's Jeff Grubb, speaking on the GamesBeat Decides podcast said that fans would not have to wait long for information, and alluded to having seen strong evidence the project was definitely "not vapourware". Shortly after, Bloomberg's Jason Schreier chipped in on Twitter to say there was "strong evidence floating around that the game will be shown relatively soon".

Today, VGC reported in detail on the source of these whispers - an off-screen video which the website said it could not share for legal reasons.

Eurogamer is aware of the leaked video material and its contents, which have been doing the rounds online in certain circles for a number of weeks.

This afternoon, a hunt has begun online to surface that video, and we've seen shorter, low-res clips of it being passed around Twitter. We've contacted publisher Bandai Namco for further comment.

Industry gossip surrounding the leak of Elden Ring details previously sparked speculation the game would re-appear next at an upcoming Microsoft gaming event - an unannounced but well-reported briefing due at the end of March which should detail more of the company's plans for Bethesda. But, over the weekend, Xbox exec Aaron Greenberg posted on Twitter to set the record straight on a DualShockers report on that. "Just to set expectations: this is not happening," Greenberg wrote.

In the past hour, Elden Ring's publisher was found to have trademarked "Bandai Namco Next", which may be its name for an online briefing of its own where it will detail upcoming projects (thanks, Nibel). If such a presentation goes ahead, it seems likely Elden Ring will feature there.