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Recruit WAR players, get free stuff

Like a month's free play or Rod of Service.

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Mythic has revealed alluring incentives for players to recruit their friends into the world of Warhammer Online.

For every successful WAR recruit you will earn 30-days of free game time.

Recruit two friends and your faction King will present you with a loyal pet: an Imperial Hunting Hound for Order and a Warlord's Fell Hound for Destruction.

Recruit four friends to receive The Rod of Service for Order or the Collar of Servitude for Destruction. Each gives groups a five per cent bonus to experience and renown earned. Furthermore, the items can boost a friend's level to within two of your own so you can adventure together.

Go on to recruit six friends, however, and you will receive a very flash winged mount. Order has an Imperial Griffon and Destruction has an Enslaved Manticore. The Griffon looks better.

Here comes the small print: recruits can be anyone who hasn't played WAR for more than 60 days, and they must become paying subscribers to count.

Friends will need to click the email link to access the 10-day free trial, and invites can be recalled whenever. Also, rewards can be applied retroactively for any recruits already turned subscriber.

Head to the Warhammer Online Account Center to send out invites.

Update: This deal is currently restricted to US players. GOA has no announcement to make regarding European deals just yet.

Warhammer Online is currently mid-way through the Call to Arms "live expansion" and recently begun the Beyond the Sands event. Meaty patch 1.2 preceded this, adding Dwarf Slayer and Orc Choppa classes among a host of other bits.

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