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WAR Beyond the Sands event begins

Glory, titles, equipment up for grabs.

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Mythic has begun the Beyond the Sands in-game live event for Warhammer Online.

This encourages the forces of Order and Destruction to search mysterious wreckages of airships that fell from the sky to recover artefacts from the clutches of deadly Liche Priests.

Successful parties will be showered in treasure and glory; unlock event titles Grave Robber and The Eternal; receive Tomb Kings trophies; and claim the very special Aviator Goggles - an elusive helm only the most dedicated will wear.

The Beyond the Sands event is part of the Call to Arms "live expansion" that Mythic is releasing in chunks. This will be capped by the opening of the Land of the Dead zone in June, where faction access to an enormous Tomb Kings dungeon will be hotly contested for and regularly change side.

The first part of the Call to Arms update - patch 1.2 - added new Dwarf Slayer and Orc Choppa careers; the Bitter Rivals live event; a limited preview of a new Scenario; improvements to realm-versus-realm warfare, itemisation, crafting, and the user interface; more "easy" public quests for smaller group sizes; and over 500 bug fixes.

Warhammer Online European publisher GOA also cut the price of the standard edition game to GBP 19.99 / EUR 29.99.

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