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Eden to fix Alone in the Dark 360

Patching in the PS3 ver's changes.

Eden Studios has said that it is working on a patch for the Xbox 360 version of Alone in the Dark to bring it into line with the heavily reworked PS3 version.

The developer was at Games Convention in Leipzig this week to show off the new PS3 version and own up to all the things we said were insanely rubbish during our Xbox 360 review.

Changes include streamlined inventory systems, more coherent integration of the irritating final section of the game with those flipping trees, and a better camera system and controls for on-foot and driving sections.

Eurogamer's Kristan Reed, who did not enjoy the 360 version, reports that it feels much better now that he's played a bit of the PS3 one.

Eden has not specified precisely which tweaks will appear in the 360 patch, or given any idea when it will come out, but if you want to build up a wish-list then head over to our just-published Alone in the Dark PS3 hands-on and get a pen out.

In its original form, Alone in the Dark was a flawed but occasionally brilliant stab at survival horror with just about enough going for it to squeeze a 7/10. Although the same couldn't be said of the hilarious Wii version.

If the PS3 version is genuinely an improvement, it will be very interesting to see how it scores relative to its older brother...