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EA details Battlefield 1's next big expansions

Four packs bringing 16 new maps.

Battlefield 1's Season Pass has been detailed, some four months since EA started selling it for £39.99, with the four expansions bringing 16 new maps and 20 new weapons to DICE's shooter.

The first, We Shall Not Pass, has been thinly detailed before, introduces the French army and encounters in Verdun, a tank assault on the banks of the Aisne river as well as the more enclosed backdrop of Fort de Vaux.

Concept art for In the Name of the Tsar. It's got snow in it!
Concept art for Turning Tides. It's got boats in it!
Concept art for Apocalypse. It's got war in it!

Next up will be In the Name of the Tsar, which will bring the Russian army into the fray. It's a snow-themed expansion, and will be followed by Turning Tides which will have its focus on naval warfare. Finally there's Apocalypse, which will explore some of the war's most infamous battles.

It's a decent haul of maps with plenty of different flavours coming to Battlefield 1, and we'll be getting our first proper look at They Shall Not Pass in the very near future. Battlefield 1 came out last October and DICE has built on its solid foundations ever since, introducing a new free map and recently raising the level cap via a substantial winter update.

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