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EA delivers more detail on Godfather II

Uncovers classes, perks, and sting cards.

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EA has dealt out more detail on Godfather II, the movie-licensed crime sequel due in 2009, and so far only talked about in hushed voices at the back of seedy bars.

According to Xbox World 360 magazine, Godfather II will present six playable classes: Bruiser, Demolitions Expert, Arsonist, Medic, Safe Cracker and Engineer.

Each has their own background and a choice of 12 personalities: a bruiser may have an alcohol problem and drink while fighting, which often happens to people outside my house when they eat kebabs.

Generally, Godfather II will be a sandbox game with RPG and RTS elements. Just like John Riccitiello told us back in June, there will be third-person, street-level action which zooms out to a strategic map of the boroughs.

This is called "Don's View", and allows for resource management, eyeing the competition, and planning heists.

The Godfather II has perks, which are rewards given for pinching rival gangs' properties, especially productive ones. Pinching a factory may bestow your family with a new car and some extra weaponry, while others may offer a stake in the business.

There are sabotage missions, too, which reward you with sting cards, as well as the possibility that a rival gangster will be put behind bars for a stretch.

Look out for our full preview of Godfather II soon.

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