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Dying Light's free Destiny-spoofing #DrinkForDLC content revealed

New water-based challenges due in February.

Back in June Dying Light developer Techland decided to take the piss out of Activision by mocking its bizarre promotion to grant exclusive Destiny DLC only to North American players who drink Red Bull. To spoof this, Techland said it would grant DLC to those worldwide who drink water. All they had to do was post a picture or video of themselves guzzling H2O on Twitter with the hashtag #DrinkForDLC.

The hashtag ended up reaching more than 15m Twitter users with upwards of 15k photos and videos partaking in the hydration effort. As such, Techland has just outlined the three-part free DLC coming to its post-apocalyptic parkour game.

Due on 9th February, the upcoming content will include the following:

  • The Fountain of Youth - all-new exploration-based quest available in the Old Town area.
  • Water 2.0 - blueprint for a new throwable weapon that intensifies the electrocution effect of all other weapons.
  • Water Challenges - two brand-new parkour challenges designed around the theme of water.

Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition will be available the same day, bundling the core game, The Following expansion, and the water-related bonus content in one retail package.

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