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Dying Light 1's next-gen upgrade patch is now available on Xbox Series X/S

Brings Xbox One X enhancements too.

Techland's next-gen spruce-up of the original Dying Light is, following its recent PS5 release, now available on Xbox Series X/S, with enhancements available for Xbox One X too.

As was the case on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X owners will be able to switch between one of three different video modes once today's Dying Light patch is downloaded. Performance mode looks to deliver 60fps in full HD resolution, while Quality mode supports 30fps in 4K. Coming in somewhere between the two is Balanced mode, targeting 60fps in QHD resolution.

Over on Xbox Series S and Xbox One X, players will find two different video modes. Performance mode delivers 30fps at full HD, while quality mode targets 30fps at QHD. Additionally, Techland says to expect "new networking utilising the EOS solution".

Cover image for YouTube videoDying Light 2 Review Chat - Spoiler-Free! - IS DYING LIGHT 2 GAMEPLAY WORTH YOUR TIME?
Dying Light 2 Review Chat - Spoiler-Free!

Techland has had a busy few months, of course; not only was it busy fancying up its original 2015 zombie survival adventure, the developer also finally released the long-awaited Dying Light 2 into the world, delivering a thoroughly enjoyable follow-up experience, despite its troubled development - unless you were hoping to play on Switch, where it's been delayed.

"I can't pretend to be an expert in big blockbuster games", wrote Martin Robinson in his Recommended review back in February, "but Dying Light 2, with its varied systems lifted wholesale from elsewhere, is a welcome reminder of how hugely entertaining they can be. There's a brutality to its breadth, to the vastness of its world - this is the triple-A experience served up with the subtlety and grace of a modified hammer to the head. It's rarely elegant, but it is most definitely enjoyable."