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Dwarf Fortress headed to Steam with revamped visuals

Mine, all mine.

16-year-old PC sim Dwarf Fortress is getting a new lease of life - and a fresh lick of visual paint - via its long-awaited Steam and Itch.io versions, which we now know will launch on 6th December.

This version of the game will be sold for $30, and include a slightly-less-old pixel art style to make the whole thing a little easier on the eye.

There'll also be a "new helpful tutorial" to assist new players into Dwarf Fortress' labyrinthine ways, as well as a fresh soundtrack and UI.

Cover image for YouTube videoDwarf Fortress Steam Edition - Release Date Trailer
The revamped Dwarf Fortress, which now looks slightly more modern.

Describing this fresh version, veteran developer Bay 12 Games said it was Dwarf Fortress' "most approachable" version yet - although those who prefer its original will be pleased to know that it isn't going anywhere, and will be kept updated and available for free via Bay 12's website.

For those yet to pick up their pickaxe, Dwarf Fortress is a management sim where you look after a dwarven colony and help it thrive. It contains several modes, some of which will be added to the game's new version post-launch.

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