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Dungeon of the Endless tunnels to Xbox One on 16th March

Neverending story.

Amplitude will bring its popular PC roguelike Dungeon of the Endless to Xbox One on 16th March.

This version will add 2-4 multiplayer plus improved UI and controls.

"Dungeon of the Endless is a daring genre mash-up that sees you exploring procedurally-generated cave networks while building tower-defence-style turrets and humping a crystal about," Eurogamer wrote in our round-up of Early Access games done right.

"Throw in elegant pixel-art, which absolutely refuses to orbit the same boring old 16-bit influences, and a development team that knows exactly what kind of input to solicit from its audience, and you have a strange and darksome treat."

There's no footage yet of the new Xbox One build, but here's a refresher of the PC original from 2014:

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