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Sega doubles down on PC strategy, snaps up Endless Space creator

Amplitude Studios joins the roster.

Sega Europe has purchased Amplitude Studios, the developer of the Endless franchise.

Having created Endless Space and Endless Legend, the French studio is regarded as one of the leading developers in the 4X strategy genre. We're expecting the team's next game, Endless Space 2, to arrive on Steam Early Access later this year.

"Joining the SEGA family represents the culmination of five years of hard work from myself and Romain and everyone here at Amplitude Studios" said co-founder Mathieu Girard. "For the Endless series to be alongside PC franchises with such heritage as Total War and Dawn of War in the SEGA Europe stable puts our games where we feel they deserve to be."

This marks another big step into the world of strategy by Sega, which already owns both Creative Assembly and Relic Entertainment.

What a world we live in! Sega, once known for its consoles, now solidifies its position as a publisher of hardcore PC strategy games. Quite the Paradox, ey?

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