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Duke Nukem 3D for XBLA finished

It's in Microsoft's hands now, says 3DR.

3D Realms has confirmed that Duke Nukem 3D is on its way to Xbox Live Arcade shortly, having passed certification at the first attempt.

"That means the game is done - it is now in the hands of Microsoft," webmaster Joe Siegler wrote on the official 3D Realms website.

"At this time we cannot give you details on release date or points cost, as we do not have that information. There's plenty of really cool stuff in this new update to a classic title."

Elsewhere, 3DR's George Broussard told Shacknews to expect a price of "about what you'd expect".

Duke Nukem 3D is a first-person shooter originally released in the mid-'90s, where it bought a tense PC battle against rival id Software's Quake.

Duke lacked some of Quake's fancier technology (the world was still ostensibly 2D, whereas Quake was in proper 3D), but it arguably made up for it in funky weapons and all-round character.

Look out for our DN3D review whenever Microsoft queues it up for release, and check out for a rundown of unlockable Achievements.

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