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Dragon's Lair flies to PSP

Dirk dares you.

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Developer United Coders has decided to make a PSP version of Laser Disc favourite from the olden days, Dragon's Lair.

This 1983 telly adventure put you in the shoes of Dirk the Daring and had you rescue princess Daphne from an evil dragon in a wizard's castle, skipping through lovely animated scenes as you went. It made quite an impact back then and made youngsters excited.

New to this version is a Director's Cut mode for you first timers. Here you are given five lives instead of three, have new scenes to play through, do away with the semi-random scenes, get a scrolling castle map to display your overall progress and have spruced up technical punch for the PSP.

Meanwhile those of you returning to Dragon's Lair have the option to play the Arcade mode for a more hardcore experience, featuring all the nuances of the original.

United Coders is still looking for a publisher for its game at the moment, but has already drummed up significant interest in its existing DS version of the game. Well, it says it has.

Dragon's Lair PSP is pencilled in for a Christmas 2008 release.

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