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Dragon Ball partnership coming to PUBG Mobile next year

In Fortnite's footsteps.

Dragon Ball is coming to PUBG Mobile in 2023, announced soon after the anime arrived in Fortnite.

The partnership is to celebrate the global release of new film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

It's unclear at present exactly what the collaboration will include, though it's likely to be themed around the film specifically.

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A press release shared with Eurogamer is keen to note there have been previous collaborations with anime: notably Neon Genesis Evangelion, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Arcane.

The Neon Genesis Evangelion collaboration, for instance, had themed cosmetic items as well as a unique Core Circle mode.

The film Dragon Ball: Super Hero is out now, a good few months before anything hits the game.

Meanwhile, just two weeks ago Dragon Ball arrived in PUBG battle royale rival Fortnite. That included cosmetic items and emotes, as well as missions and the iconic Kamehameha move.

That crossover has proven incredibly popular, so it's understandable why PUBG's developers would also want a slice of the action.

Earlier this month, PUBG publisher Krafton reported PUBG: Battlegrounds has clocked up 80,000 new players daily since going free-to-play. That's the full version of the game, but on mobile the game has seen a boost in "total play time and play frequency" too.

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