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PUBG Mobile's Resident Evil 2 crossover event is now live

Zombies! Tyrant! Win a Leon!

PUBG Mobile just got a little bit zombier, thanks to its new Resident Evil 2 crossover event, which is now live.

Known as Zombie: Survive Till Dawn, the limited-time event takes place on PUBG's Erangel map and offers a PvE twist on the usual Battle Royale shenanigans. Matches unfold over three days and two nights, squeezed into one 30 minute round, and shake things up by introducing undead hordes from the Resident Evil 2 universe, including the likes of police zombies and Lickers, into the world.

As such, competitors will need to worry about zombies and other players as they fight to survive. Thankfully, though, the undead are relatively docile by day, enabling players to go about their usual Battle Royale business with only mild interruption.

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Nights are a different story, however; dramatically reduced visibility means that PvP encounters are less likely, but that's offset by the fact that zombies become enraged. Worse still, Resident Evil 2's formidable G (Stage 1) and Tyrant have a chance to spawn randomly after sundown.

Players will apparently be able to win Leon and Claire skin sets, as well as Ada and Marvin costumes, for the duration of the event - which, as far as I can see, doesn't have an announced end-date right now. And should you be sufficiently intrigued to give Survive Till Dawn a whirl, don't forget that PUBG Mobile is free to download on iOS and Android.