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Surprise! Doom's Unto the Evil DLC is now available

New trailer reveals add-on maps and weapons.

Doom's Unto the Evil multiplayer expansion is out now, one day early.

Originally scheduled for launch tomorrow, developer id Software decided to surprise us all with this at QuakeCon today.

Priced at £11.99 / $14.99, Unto the Evil adds three new maps (Offering, Cataclysm, and Ritual) along with a new weapon, the UAC EMG Pistol, and a new piece of equipment, the Kinetic Mine.

Probably the most intriguing new addition is a rune that turns players into a Harvester, one of the craftier foes capable of warping about.

Beyond that, there's a also new armour sets, patterns, colours, and taunts, along with new hack modules.

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One intriguing feature of the DLC is that players can enjoy the new content without buying it, so long as they're playing in a party with someone who has purchased the expansion.

"id Software is also introducing the PartyPlay system, which allows anyone to play any of the new maps from Unto the Evil, as long as you party up with a friend who owns the DLC," the developer explained. "Similarly, if you own the DLC, the Unto the Evil DLC maps will be accessible to anyone who's in your party as part of the map rotation."

Furthermore, a new Double XP weekend just kicked off an hour ago. Have at, you.

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