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This Doom easter egg is a blast from the past


Id Software has finally begun showing off the campaign portion of its Doom reboot two weeks ahead of its 13th May release and in its latest video the developer has teased a nostalgia-tinged secret.

Minor spoilers follow:

Cover image for YouTube videoHuge DOOM EASTER EGG Revealed

In the above IGN video creative director Hugo Martin and executive producer Marty Stratton show off a secret stage in the game's opening level that takes players to a recreation of an original Doom stage, complete with the original textures and everything.

The enemies and guns will still be in keeping with this 2016 release, but their placement will be true to that of the 1993 classic. These throwback scenes may only contain a few rooms within the context of the campaign, but they'll unlock the full retro level in the game's menu.

The developer noted that there is one of these oldschool stages hidden in every level, though seeking them out should be a challenge as each will require finding a hidden lever then figuring out what secret wall panel it's opened. Clandestine though these may be, they're a nice nod to how far the series has come in 23 years.

Now here's our very own Ian Higton on nine reasons he's looking forward to the new Doom's single-player campaign:

Cover image for YouTube video9 reasons Doom's campaign gives us hope