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Here's what Doom's single-player campaign looks like

Hold dozens of weapons at once, no reloading.

Doom developer id Software has shown off a few sections of the upcoming shooter's single-player campaign ahead of its 13th May release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

On a Twitch stream creative director Hugo Martin and executive producer Marty Stratton played through a few stages of Doom's campaign and here's some neat details we picked up:

There's no reloading. As in the first Doom, your guns can hold an irrational amount of ammo and keep on firing until you're completely dry.

There's also a weapon wheel that allows you to select roughly a dozen weapons at any time, unlike the multiplayer that limits players to only a couple of different firearms at once. Furthermore, each weapon has various mods you can equip for them adding all new properties to their output, and these can be equipped and unequipped with the touch of a button, effectively doubling how many combat options you have at any given time. The weapon wheel slows everything down too, though it doesn't completely pause the action when you make your selection.

We also get a glimpse of Doom's ultra gory finishing moves, which offer a brief moment of invulnerability during the execution animation and are followed up by a bigger bounty of health and ammo.

The campaign will also have plenty of optional challenges, like slaying 20 demons with a single power-up or using an exploding enemy to kill another exploding enemy.

There's plenty of lore and audio diary-like pieces of intel to find for people who care about that thing. But more importantly it lets you slice brutish minotaurs with a chainsaw.

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