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Don't go to your inventory screen if you want your Apex Legends' Fight or Fright win to count

"I've never felt so cheated…"

A weird glitch has popped up in Apex Legends' limited-time mode (TLM) Fight or Fright that is preventing some players from securing a win... even when they're successfully on the evac ship and been told they "will live to fight another day".

Though Season 3 gives players a break from Kings Canyon and offered up the hot-and-cold climes of World's Edge, fans of the OG map can revisit their old stomping grounds - albeit with a Halloween-flavoured twist - courtesy of the battle royale's latest TLM, Fight of Fright.

As Reddit user Mirage_Main illustrates in their video entitled "I've never felt so cheated..." (thanks, Dexerto), the new mode requires Legends to fight off shadowy versions of themselves before, in true Left 4 Dead style, the last 10 remaining Legends need to escape via an evac ship at the end. Trouble is, even safely on the ship, this particular player found themselves unceremoniously kicked with an error message saying "there was a problem processing game logic".

Redditors flocked to the post, with many confirming that they too have been hit by the bug. It seems dropping - or even hovering on - the ultimate accelerator can cause the crash, but other players say it also occurs if you just happen to drop too many items in the ship, too. Right now it's unclear if the issue is affecting PC and PlayStation 4 players as well as Xbox One, and while some commenters say they'd had the same issue and had their wins count, others insist the bug can also result in a total wipe that sees your victory go completely unrecorded.

As yet, developer Respawn has not responded to the thread, but 1.3K upvotes from other players suggests the bug won't go unnoticed too much longer.

In other Apex Legends news, "by popular request" Apex Legends developer Respawn recently revealed it is introducing a new training ground called firing range.

During the inaugural Apex Devstream earlier this month, Respawn devs discussed upcoming plans for the free-to-play battle royale, including details of an all-new training mode that gives players the opportunity to try out not just armour and abilities, but Apex's fine selection of firearms and attachments, too.

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