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Test out new characters, guns, and mods with Apex Legend's upcoming firing range

Try before you die.

"By popular request", Apex Legends developer Respawn is introducing a new training ground called firing range.

During the inaugural Apex Devstream on Friday, 11th October, Respawn devs discussed upcoming plans for the free-to-play battle royale, including details of an all-new training mode that gives players the opportunity to try out not just armour and abilities, but Apex's fine selection of firearms and attachments, too.

Here, take a look for yourself. Information about training kicks off at 7mins 07 seconds into the video (thanks, Slashgear):

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While everyone gets a little taste of training when booting up for the first time, this is a great way for players to get accustomed to new weapons and mods outside of high-stake real games, especially when new loot and guns join the game, such as season 3's charge rifle. Players are even able to go into training as a full 3-person squad, too, and can seemingly switch characters even after the mode has loaded.

Sadly, there's no definitive timeframe on when we can see this roll out to all players, but Respawn says it's coming "soon".

Eurogamer recently tested something out in Apex Legends again - except this time, rather than a game ruining issue, this one is pretty fun for everyone involved. By now, most Apex players are likely to have played with or fought against a Crypto, the new hacker Legend whose abilities revolve around a speedy little drone. This drone has more uses than advertised though - as it turns out, Pathfinder can actually grapple to it, allowing him to fly around the map for a limited amount of time.

We decided to test Pathfinder's new flight capabilities, and it turns out it's fairly easy to get him airborne - it's just not so easy to keep him airborne.

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While we stay on the lookout for more unintentional fun to have in the battle royale, check out some intentional fun Respawn has planned for Apex next week, when the Halloween event begins.