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Some distraught Outriders players have lost nearly 100 hours of progress after latest patch

Update failed to stamp out worrying inventory wipe bug.

Some Outriders players are reporting the continuation of a worrying inventory wipe bug that in some cases has scrubbed nearly 100 hours of investment into the game.

Outriders' first big patch went live last night on PC and PlayStation 4, and this morning on PlayStation 5, and some players soon reported their inventories had wiped.

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Affected players sound distraught, reporting that the bug has cost them loot gathered after tens of hours of grinding.

"Like thousands of others today first login after patch I was greeted by this on my Level 50 gear, 94 hour Devastator," said redditor Ok_Entertainment_112. "Today I was going to be leveling my last piece of gear to 50. Me and two friends were celebrating our build completions.

"Everything gone, 94 hours lost, almost complete build lost, this is a joke. Naked at login, server can't connect yada yada like everyone else."

"Adios Outriders," said redditor u/Wolphoenix. "Inventory wipe and not being able to load into my 80 hour main is my final straw."

Adios Outriders, inventory wipe and not being able to load into my 80 hour main is my final straw from r/outriders

SneakeyPetey is another affected player: "30 years gaming and never have I spent 50+ hours in a game to be wiped with nothing," they said. "Looks like I encountered the dreadful gear wipe bug."

Some have said they will stop playing Outriders until this inventory glitch is fixed - and called for People Can Fly to add a warning to the game that appears upon login.

Im done with this bullshit , I was playing expeditions with randoms and then I spawned completely naked and the game crashed then I restarted the game and here I am 40+ hours pyromancer got his whole inventory wiped and can't connect to the servers ..... I spent 70€ and 40+ hours from r/outriders
80 hours of gameplay disappeared after the "fix patch" All gear gone and I cant even Login to chest farm new gear... because i cant login with this character anymore. from r/outriders
Lost everything. And can't even load back in. Fuck man. from r/outriders

This inventory wipe bug has affected Outriders since launch, and it seems People Can Fly and Square Enix are having trouble squashing it.

On Thursday, People Can Fly said it was working on restorations for players who were affected by these inventory wipes. And in patch notes, the developer said last night's update "fixed the multiplayer crash that can result in client players having their inventory wiped". Clearly, it hasn't done the trick.

Now, People Can Fly has issued an apology, saying it's doing all it can to sort things out.

"We are aware and deeply sorry that some users are continuing to encounter an inventory wipe," the developer said.

"We are doing everything we can to resolve this issue, both server and game-side.

"Our plan is still to work on a restoration for all affected accounts."

But it's this restoration plan that has added further stress to players who have invested so much time into their character builds.

Players - particularly those who have reached Outriders' endgame - are spending a lot of time and effort trying to obtain items with "god rolls" that will push their character build to optimal heights. In Outriders, weapons and armour drop with random mods of varying quality, and random stat categories (bonus firepower, long range damage etc). The "god roll grind" is one of the chief pursuits of endgame players.

People Can Fly has said its restoration plan means "restored items may not have the exact same stats as the lost items". This statement has terrified players who have put time and effort into the god roll grind.

It's a difficult situation for the game, its developers and the players, who are now terrified of losing their carefully crafted items. Square Enix said it hopes to run the restoration event "in the coming week", and that "it should address all affected accounts in one go".

Those who were on the god roll grind will be waiting with bated breath.

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