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Dirt Rally 2.0 gets VR support on PC

Out today.

Codemasters' wonderful Dirt Rally 2.0, which launched earlier this year to high praise (well, I liked it at least), is getting VR support on PC from today.

There's a free update for the Steam version of the game, while the Oculus Store will be getting its own Dirt Rally 2.0 which comes complete with five exclusive liveries.

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It's also worth pointing out that if you've spent some time away from Dirt Rally 2.0, now's a good time to return to it. Alongside VR support on PC, the post-launch support has introduced classic stages from the first game such as Sweet Lamb and Col de Turini, making it closer to being the complete package. If you've got a decent wheel, it's also not a bad little workout for your forearms.