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DICE reveals massive changes to Battlefield 2042's map design

And is reaching out for feedback on proposals.

DICE has revealed details on upcoming improvements and proposed changes to the core map design in Battlefield 2042.

In a hefty post, the EA developer identified five main areas of map design that needs improvement.

First, the team acknowledged that much of the community is frustrated with traversal as it currently stands. With the introduction of large-scale maps to accommodate 128 players, the travel time between objectives became overly lengthy. Indeed, DICE went as far as to admit that many players describe the game a "Walking Simulator".

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Second, DICE will be looking at the overall intensity. The lack of compartmentalisation of combat into smaller zones means that matches can at times feel far too chaotic and overwhelming, particularly in Breakthrough where there are only two objectives per sector.

Third, DICE will attempt to address line of sight issues. Many of the maps in Battlefield 2042 are too open and flat, giving players too few places to run for cover. This tends to result in players being sniped or shelled from a vehicle miles away from them.

Fourth, the team will also focus on providing clearer paths towards objectives. Currently, the lack of clear pathways means enemy fire is more often coming in from all possible angles.

Finally, DICE will review the need for additional cover separately from the sense that maps are too open and flat.

Added all together, DICE has also shared some proposed new map designs that address the above issues.

Breakthrough - Sector A on Kaleidoscope Large.
Conquest - Kaleidoscope.

Importantly, the team has asked the Battlefield community to share their feedback on the proposed improvements and has posed some guiding questions on the Battlefield forum.

In other news, the much-anticipated scoreboard update has been delayed to next week in order for DICE to be "best positioned to support in case of any issues that might have cropped up over the weekend".