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Diablo 4 patch 1.1.1 detailed, out next week

Sorcerers and Barbarians buffed.

Blizzard has announced another Campfire Chat, this time to discuss Diablo 4 Patch 1.1.1.
Image credit: Blizzard

The next patch for Diablo 4 will arrive next week and bring buffs for the vilified Sorcerer and Barbarian classes.

In last week's fireside chat with the developers, Blizzard promised improved "effectiveness and fun" for these two classes - now we know exactly how in the latest patch notes for 1.1.1.

For Sorcerers, the intention was to improve late-game survivability and move away from "kiss-curse" effects where players gain power but lose it elsewhere. For Barbarians, the flow of combat will be sped up by increasing Fury generation and the power of Unique items in the late-game.

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Specifically, both fire and lightning abilities for Sorcerers will be buffed. Chain Lightning, for instance, will deal more damage as it bounces and with a higher chance to generate Crackling Energy. Fireballs will have an increased radius and higher critical damage.

Fury gained for Barbarians will be increased for a number of abilities, while Enhanced Rupture will see a massive boost to bleed damage.

These adjustments will certainly see the damage output of these classes increase, although the patch doesn't quite do enough to mix up late-game builds. Devouring Blaze for instance, a popular ability for many Sorcerers, has not been buffed following its nerf a couple of weeks back.

Elsewhere in this patch, monster density will be increased in Nightmare Dungeons and in Helltide, while boss monsters over level 35 will have a guaranteed Legendary item drop rate.

The cast time for Leave Dungeon has also been restored back to three seconds following fan feedback.

Lastly, the update will fix a number of bugs.

Much of this was discussed in the fireside chat, although one other improvement was noted afterwards: designer Joe Shely confirmed Blizzard will "allow the mount charge to break through barricades". That should make charging around Sanctuary easier.

Diablo 4's previous patch was met with huge criticism from the community. Blizzard promised it doesn't "plan on doing a patch like this ever again".

The game's first season also started last week, though it seems pretty hellish.

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