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Details of GTA IV PC patch emerge

Rockstar working to resolve problems.

Grand Theft Auto IV publisher Rockstar has confirmed it is working on a patch to resolve problems with the PC version of the game.

"[We] understand that several of you are experiencing difficulties with Grand Theft Auto IV PC, and we are committed to doing everything we can to help resolve these troubles," reads a post on the GTA forums.

That includes releasing a new driver to improve performance with 7900 series Nvidia cards, and another one from ATI.

In addition, a patch is on the way. It will include improvements to the video editor, memory savings, graphic improvements and support for DirectInput controllers - check out the forum post for the full rundown.

Rockstar is also working to fix problems with power management software and errors with the Social Club.

A release date for the patch has yet to be announced, as it must first receive certification from Microsoft,. However, Rockstar stated, "The patch is already at Microsoft and we expect a speedy approval."

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