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Destruction AllStars will cost $20 when it leaves PlayStation Plus

Down from $70 initially.

Lucid Games has announced a new $20/€20 price for Destruction AllStars from 6th April, after the game leaves PlayStation Plus.

The downloadable vehicular combat game was previously due to arrive at $70, before being announced to launch within PlayStation Plus instead. This was a smart move, Wes said in our Eurogamer's Destruction All-Stars review, which better fits the game's size and scope.

"In desperate need of depth and content," Wes continued, "Destruction AllStars is at least a fun whizz around the corner."

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So, what's next for the game? Well, along with that new price point, Lucid's post on the PlayStation blog has also detailed upcoming playlists, double XP weekends and new Challenge Series single-player experiences featuring each AllStar character.

There's word, too, on the game's twin currencies. As ever, there's a sweat currency you can earn by playing (AllStar Coins) and a premium currency you can buy for real-world money (Destruction Points). These can both be exchanged for cosmetic items, though nothing with a gameplay advantage.

Challenge Series activities will also be unlocked by Destruction Points - premium currency - and feature "valuable skins and cosmetics" for their featured characters. There will also be a way to earn premium Destruction Points in-game in future, though this was not detailed.

Maybe we'll see more of the game tonight in Sony's upcoming State of Play broadcast?

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