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Destruction AllStars Trophy list: How to earn online and hidden trophies explained

How to earn every Trophy in February 2021's free PS Plus game.

Destruction AllStars Trophies are, for regular PlayStation players, one of the first things they'll check when they start the game.

The PS5 combat driving game has a mixture of Trophies to unlock - some for single player challenges, others from tutorials, but the majority come from playing in online - and with the game free on PlayStation Plus during February 2021, there should be a healthy online player base to help you earn them.

This page explains how to earn all Destruction AllStars Trophies - broken up into different categories so you can plan the road to the Platinum Trophy, including the full list of hidden Trophies.

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Destruction AllStars single player and mixed mode Trophies list

Despite most Trophies being online-focused, there are a handful which require you to run through tutorials and the Ultimo Barricados series challenge, which is available to access for free.

There is otherwise only one Trophy which counts progress across modes - specifically, asking you to 'Perform 100 Wrecks in any mode - so feel free to get this solo or online, whatever you prefer.

Consider these a welcome introduction to the game - though the 'earn all star objectives in Ultimo Barricados' Series, Mutual Respect' is pretty difficult in parts!

Trophy nameDescription
Hall of Fame (Platinum)Unlock all Destruction AllStars Trophies
Wrecking BallPerform 100 Wrecks in any mode
RookieEarn all of the star objectives for a single event
Ultimate RespectEarn all star objectives in Ultimo Barricados' Series, Mutual Respect
Stars and Cars CollideComplete and Win the Mayhem Tutorial
Detonate to DominateComplete and Win the Carnado Tutorial
The Last AllStarComplete and Win the Gridfall Tutorial
Bankety BankComplete and Win the Stockpile Tutorial
No Free RideComplete the vehicle emote tutorial in Open Training with any character

Destruction AllStars online and hidden Trophies list

Though there are some single-player modes, the focus of Destruction AllStars is combat against other players - so it's no surprise to see a focus on online multiplayer Trophies.

First, here is the general selection of Trophies for online multiplayer:

Trophy nameRequirement
AllStarWin 50 online matches
Checking out the competitionWin at least 1 online match with each AllStar
The Hero we don't deserveWreck an opponent's hero vehicle in an online match
WreckognisedEarn an S Rank Wreckognition rating or higher in any event

Finally, here is the list of hidden Trophies. There are 16 available, and each one is related to using a specific character's vehicle and / or Breaker in an online match. Their situational nature means they could be among the hardest to unlock in the game:

Trophy nameRequirementCharacter required
BulletSlice 2 vehicles in a single slice with Sabre in an online matchHana
Chewed UpShred 3 cars in a single use of the Shredder in an online matchBlue Fang
Flame onSet 3 AllStars on fire at once with Wildfire in an online matchLupita
FlamethrowerSet an entire team on fire with Cerberus in an online matchFuego
GhostDeal 100 damage whilst stealth in Cypher, without taking any damage in an online matchCypher
Hit ListTake out 3 targets in a single use of Xero's X-Ray in an Online MatchXander
Home RunWreck 3 opponents with a single use of Mr. Sparkles' breaker in an online matchTwinkle Riot
ImpenetrableBlock 100 damage with the Undisputed's shield in a single use of the breaker in an online matchUltimo Barricado
Instant ServiceAttach drones to 3 enemies with The Boxmobile in an online matchBoxtop
No EscapeGet a Team kill with Barong's Countdown in an Online matchRatu
Party AnimalSmoke 3 enemies with the Smoke Commander in an online matchSgt. Rescue
Pitch PerfectWreck 3 enemies using CRASHendo in an online matchHarmony
PricklySpike 3 Rivals at once with the Morningstar in an online matchJian
StrongholdKeep a full shield in Gravitron for 5 seconds in an online matchMuna
Terminal VelocityReach 135 MPH with Callisto in an online matchGenesis
Ultimate PrecisionTake out 3 targets in a single use of Number One's Lock on in an online matchAngelo Avello

Our recommendation for the above? Focus on each character for the 'Win at least 1 online match with each AllStar' Trophy above, and aim to get these hidden Trophies at the same time. And if you don't, those extra wins will contribute to the 'Win 50 online matches' Trophy - which is probably the most grindy of the lot.

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