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Destruction AllStars is getting seasons, a ranked mode, a battle pass and a new character

It's on the roadmap.

Destruction AllStars is getting seasons, with season one set to include a ranked mode, a battle pass and a new character, developer Lucid has announced.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, the developer said Season One: Hotshots includes the "first steps" towards a ranked mode. It's called Blitz and features 3v3v3v3 action.

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Meanwhile, a battle pass is on its way with Season One. It sounds like this works as you'd expect, with exclusive cosmetic content only available in the current season up for grabs. There's a free tier and a premium tier.

Elsewhere, there's a new photo mode in the works. This lets you pause the game at any time in single-player modes and enter a free camera.

And finally, there's a new character coming to the game, teased in the roadmap image below. Lucid didn't say much about this new character - the first added to the game since its launch in February.

Season One runs from April to July, with Season Two and Three pencilled in to take players up to the end of the year.

I reviewed Destruction AllStars upon its launch as a PlayStation Plus game, and found it fun but lacking in content. Hopefully these new seasons beef up the offering.

It's worth noting Destruction AllStars will cost $20/€20 from 6th April, after the game leaves PlayStation Plus.