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PS5 exclusive Destruction AllStars looks like it may go free-to-play


Car combat game Destruction AllStars has had a bit of a bumpy ride - and now looks set to go free-to-play.

After originally planning Destruction AllStars as a £70 PlayStation 5 exclusive, Sony reconsidered the game's launch plans and eventually released it as part of PlayStation Plus. Since then, it has been sold for £17.99.

Today, a new v3.0.1 patch for the game has been released after a period of downtime for maintenance. Upon the game returning, fans have noticed new challenges in the game include the prefix "BS_F2P_CHALLENGE" - which was presumably not intended to be seen.

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Details of the find were posted to reddit by user Mr_WeeWoo. We've contacted PlayStation for comment.

Destruction AllStars is the work of Liverpool-based Lucid Games. Since launch, it has added to the game with new skins, emotes and more.

Initially, Lucid was reported to have been in early development of a new Twisted Metal game - though more recent reports suggest the project has now been passed to fellow Liverpudlian outfit Firesprite Games, which recently saw the addition of Motorstorm's director to its ranks.

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