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Destiny 2 getting weapon balance changes, as Lord of Wolves gets nerfed

Howl about that?

Bungie has detailed some of the changes that are coming to Destiny 2.

In its weekly blog post, or TWAB, the company explained some of the weapon balance changes players can expect, which includes buffing some of the game's under-utilised weapon archetypes.

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For example, lightweight bows will get faster draw times as well as an increased "perfect draw" window to make things a bit easier for players.

Meanwhile, scout rifles will now give 10 percent more damage against red bar PvE enemies than before.

The team has also added anti-champion functionality to several weapons.

Bungie explained this is to give "more options for each Champion type, split across weapon slot and ammo type". This will be something the Destiny 2 team will also be looking to do more of in the future.

As for the game's Lord of Wolves, something Bungie admits has "long been a thorn in the side of PvP players", well it's getting nerfed again.

It will now have less ammo to start in PvP, going from 15 down to 10. It will also have a reduced burst size, a reduced burst delay and a decreased base damage.

Meanwhile, when it comes to armour, the team is reducing the "effectiveness of damage resistance used by Omnioculus and Whisper of Chains in PvP". Bungie notes that the PvE damage resistance will remain unchanged.

Bungie goes on to address several changes that it will be looking to make to Destiny 2 in either season 18's mid season update, or even in season 19.

These include things such as fixing Glaive hit detection and reducing shotgun spread randomness, among others.

Full notes from Bungie can be found here.

Elsewhere in the news, Destiny 2 cheat maker AimJunkies has fired back at Bungie, issuing subpoenas to obtain information to back up that its work isn't copyright infringement.

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