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Dead Space Extraction revealed for Wii

New story, content, co-op, controls.

EA will release a Wii version of Dead Space this autumn; one that has been specially built and has a whole new scary story to unravel.

The game, subtitled Extraction, will be a prequel to Dead Space from last year, and be developed by the same EA studio.

We're promised top notch FPS motion-sensing controls as well as co-operative multiplayer.

Story-wise, we'll be introduced to a woman who becomes a mining colony's only hope for survival once a mysterious contagion spreads across the ship. We're told there will be plenty more weapons, enemies, characters and puzzles to uncover along the way.

Dead Space was released last October on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, and divided opinion. Whereas we saw the spooky shooter as nothing revolutionary, rather a lot of you disagreed.

Head over to our Dead Space review to find out more.

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Dead Space: Extraction

PS3, Nintendo Wii

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