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Dead by Daylight to receive overhaul on mobile

Killers on the loose.

NetEase and Behaviour Interactive are revamping Dead by Daylight on mobile to improve gameplay and visuals.

This revamped version will be released across Google Play and the App Store on 15th March, with pre-registration now open. Its first season will be called Under The Stars.

The asymmetrical horror multiplayer game is available across multiple platforms, but despite some success on mobile (with 28m downloads) there's been plenty of community feedback to address.

Dead by Daylight's next chapter: Tools Of TormentWatch on YouTube

A number of improvements will be made in the new version, beginning with overhauled visuals. Alongside revamped characters and maps, physics will be added to clothing and hair (to respond more realistically to the game world), as well as dynamic shading and lighting.

Controls will be improved, along with bug fixes and various quality of life updates.

Perhaps the biggest change will be the inclusion of The Rift: essentially a season pass for the game with unique cosmetics, each season lasting two months. Each event in The Rift adds to the lore of the game through Tomes. This has been absent from the mobile version until now. In addition, an updated ranking system will allow players to compete on seasonal leaderboards.

Other changes coming to mobile include improved social features, such as the long-awaited pre-game lobby, as well as private and global chat channels.

Lastly, a brand new Platinum Tier of customisation options will introduce exclusive Memento Mori animations for the Killers.

Meanwhile, Behaviour introduced its next Killer last week, The Skull Merchant, who will lead the game's 27th content chapter. The Killer will also be joined by two new Survivors.

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