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Dead by Daylight's next Killer is twisted techy The Skull Merchant

The execute-ive suite.

Behaviour Interactive has announced Dead by Daylight's next (and 27th) chapter, Tools of Torment, which debuts a brand new Killer: The Skull Merchant.

The game's first original modern female slasher, Adriana Imai is a wealthy high-powered tech executive who aggressively buys and absorbs smaller companies, before quenching her bloodlust as alter ego The Skull Merchant.

She'll be joined by two new Survivors: Brazilian siblings Thalita and Renato Lyra. Check out all three in the trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoDead by Daylight | Tools Of Torment | Official Trailer
Dead by Daylight | Tools Of Torment | Official Trailer

The Skull Merchant promises to bring a techy twist to the multiplayer horror game, with the ability to position drones around the map to surveil Survivors - each of which is built around the skull of a previous victim. Nice.

Survivors will therefore need to avoid or disable the drones so as not to alert the Killer.

The Skull Merchant also wields giant claws and wears what looks like a cybernetic gas mask.

The new Survivors are her antithesis: a sibling pair who run a kite-flying business to mentor children from the area. The pair will have unique Teamwork Perks, so should be chosen to stick together.

The existing map MacMillan Estate's Shelter Woods is where The Skull Merchant has set up her Hunting Camp, which features an executive suite in its upper container and a bloody workshop beneath.

Tools of Torment will launch on 7th March across PC (Steam, Epic, Windows), PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and Switch.