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UMD is definitely dying, says David Perry

Calls Sony out on digital download-only PSP.

Games industry veteran David Perry has said he's sure the next iteration of the PSP won't feature a UMD drive, whatever Sony might say.

Sony has shown support for the proprietary format in recent weeks, announcing big name titles for PSP like LittleBigPlanet, MotorStorm and Assassin's Creed.

However, rumours have been spreading like the clap in a submarine that the UMD format will be dropped for the PSP 4000. That's certainly what our sources have been saying, amongst others.

Perry has been stoking the fire via his Twitter account, and provoking Sony's John Koller into denying any such console is in development. Funnily enough, Koller also declined to deny that UMD will be dropped.

Now Perry has called on him to do just that, stating, "John Koller is publicly questioning my post about PSP 2... So I confirmed with top PSP 2 developers. John, state that PSP 2 will have UMD."

Rumours are also flying that the new PSP will be unveiled at this year's E3, so either John or Dave could end up eating a big fat slice of humble pie come June.

Perry has been pushing for a digital download only model for the new system, something which could certainly fit with the reissuing of Sony's PlayStation back catalogue. He's also keen to put a fatal dent in the used game market, something which he sees as inherently damaging for the industry. Let's hope that there are some suitably dingy bike sheds behind the LA Convention centre for the boys to kiss and make up behind.

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