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Dark Souls 3 - How to join every Covenant

Our guide to joining every multiplayer Covenant in Dark Souls 3 - whether PvP, PvE or defensive - plus details of their effects and rewards.

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Covenants are a multiplayer component of the game. Some encourage you to engage in PvP to earn rewards; others encourage co-op play; and some are more defensive in nature. You can switch covenant at any time without penalty, so pick and choose as you go to keep things interesting.

Way of Blue

Joining: Collect from Emma in the chapel near the fight with Vordt of the Boreal Valley. Once she's given you the banner, you need to proceed and speak to her again to receive this covenant.

Effect: With this equipped, when a hostile phantom invades your world you will automatically summon available allies to help.

Levelling/Rewards: None.

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Blue Sentinels

Joining: Speak to Horace at the Halfway Fortress bonfire.

Effect: You will be automatically summoned whenever a nearby Way of Blue player is invaded.

Levelling/Rewards: You will be given a Proof of a Concord Kept every time you successfully assist killing a phantom. Take 10 of these to Company Captain Yorshka at the Prison Tower bonfire to receive the Darkmoon Ring, and 30 for the Darkmoon Blade. (To find the Prison Tower bonfire, double back down the spiral staircase from the Anor Londo bonfire and walk off the end of the lower platform onto an invisible walkway. Keep going until you're in line with the small balcony on the nearby tower, and jump down onto it.)

Warrior of Sunlight

Joining: Head for the dark archway on the far side of the large bonfire just past Undead Settlement, and head inside the house. Once inside, drop through the hole in the floor just to the right of the door to gain access to a locked room.

Effect: Your job as a Warrior of Sunlight is to assist other players with boss fights.

Levelling/Rewards: To find the shrine, double back from the Dragonslayer Armour bonfire, cross the bridge, and head to the right of the building on the far side of the small courtyard. Climb the ladder, cross the roof, and descend the ladder at the other end. Double back along the covered bridge and you'll find the shrine (the remnants of a statue) inside the small room at the end - open the wooden doors to create a shortcut for future visits. For each boss defeated you'll receive a Sunlight Medal; return 10 to the shrine to receive the Sacred Oath miracle, and 30 to get the Great Lightning Spear miracle.

Watchdogs of Farron

Joining: In the Farron Keep area, near the large door that's opening by extinguishing the torches, you'll find a large square tower with a ladder on one side. Climb the ladder and speak to the Old Wolf to join the covenant.

Effect: You'll automatically be summoned when a hostile phantom invades the Farron Woods.

Levelling/Rewards: Killing the invader will earn you a Wolf's Blood Swordgrass. Return 10 to the wolf for an Old Wolf Curved Sword, and 30 for a Wolf Ring and Wolf Knight Greatshield.

Blade of the Darkmoon

(This one's a bit of an oddity: rewards, levelling, and effect are all the same as the Blue Sentinels, but it's more complicated to join.)

Joining: After speaking to Horace and Anri at Halfway Fortress, return to Firelink and speak to Sirris - you'll find her sat on the steps. Next, gather the ashes from the Old Wolf Tower in the Farron Keep area (see above) and return them to the old woman in Firelink, then travel anywhere via the bonfire and return. Now talk to Sirris and she'll give you a gesture - head to the Prison Tower bonfire (also see above) and perform the gesture to Company Captain Yorshka to join the covenant.

Effect: See Blue Sentinels.

Levelling/Rewards: See Blue Sentinels.

Special Note: Don't join the Rosaria's Finger covenant until after you've joined this one; when you do, Sirris will turn hostile and you won't be able to get the gesture.

Aldrich Faithful

Joining: After defeating the pyromancers on your way to Anor Londo (see main walkthrough) you enter a small building. Before heading up the steps, roll into the wall in the far left corner to find Archdeacon McDonnell.

Effect: This is a PvP covenant, and your job will be to kill anyone who enters the Anor Londo area.

Levelling/Rewards: For each player killed you'll be given a Human Dregs which you can return to the Archdeacon. 10 will earn you the Great Deep Soul spell, and 30 will net you the Archdeacon Great Staff.


Joining: The method of joining varies depending on your game progress.

If you've not yet fought the Curse Rotted Greatwood, head for the Undead Settlement bonfire, make your way over the bridge to the right of the large bonfire, and smash your way through the barrels to the right of the building on the other side. Follow the path, climb the ladder, and head to your right across the roof. Drop down to find an NPC with a cage on his back - interact with him from behind to be transported to Holy Knight Hodrick.

If you've already defeated the Greatwood, you need to follow the Blade of the Darkmoon questline until you've learned the gesture, and then when you're at the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley bonfire, Sirris will summon you. Assist her, return to the doorway that leads to where you fought the Greatwood (you'll need to go via the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire) and summon her. After you assist her a second time, she'll give you the token.

Effect: Another PvP covenant, with your main goal being to defeat the invaded player. If you place your sign you can also be summoned as an ally, allowing you to tackle both the player and the enemies in their world.

Levelling/Rewards: Each defeated player will earn you a Vertebra Shackle. Take 10 to the shrine next to the Greatwood bonfire to earn the Bloodlust Katana, and 30 to earn the Warmth spell.

Special Note: Don't join the Rosaria's Finger covenant until after you've joined this one - Sirris will turn hostile and you won't be able to get the gesture.

Rosaria's Fingers

Joining: From the Cleansing Chapel bonfire, head through the door in the back left and ride the elevator up. Head out onto the ledge, follow it to the left, and climb the ladder. Head onto the small wooden ramp to the left and drop down onto the narrow roof below, turn right at the end, and then left into the first archway. Make your way across the beam to the left (look out for the knight with a crossbow ahead), and then turn right at the top.

Just before you reach the other side, drop down onto the balcony below, and then from there to the wooden steps below - you'll take quite a lot of fall damage from these two drops, so watch your HP. Head along the wide balcony and through the arch to the right, head up the steps, turn left, and open the large double doors on the right behind the bent railings. Light the bonfire and talk to Rosaria to join the covenant.

Effect: Another PvP covenant. Using a Cracked Red Eye Orb will allow you to invade another player's world with the goal of killing them.

Levelling/Rewards: For each player killed you'll find a Pale Tongue. Take 10 of these to Rosaria for an Obscuring Ring, and 30 for Man Grub's Staff.

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