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Crysis 3 announcement inbound, Swedish magazine suggests

UPDATE: Leaked box art shows new bow and arrow weapon.

UPDATE 3: And here are two more, better Crysis 3 images, found by after a simple Google image search.

UPDATE 2: Leaked box art for Crysis 3 shows a new bow and arrow weapon.

The image, below, was taken by NeoGAF before it was removed from the internet. In the background are hard to distinguish buildings - in London?

UPDATE 1: Our German cousins at let us know that a German specific search reveals a result for Crysis 3 for Xbox 360 on EA's digital platform Origin.

All we can tell at this stage is that the Crysis 3 Limited Edition is $49.99 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Clicking through redirects to the main Origin page both in Germany and in the UK.

We've taken a grab of the search results, below.

ORIGINAL STORY: The front cover of a game magazine suggests Crysis 3 is real and about to be announced.

Posters at NeoGAF spotted the cover of the next issue of the Swedish edition of Game Reactor magazine, and noticed a number of clues that make Crysis 3 pretty much a dead cert.

On the top left hand corner of the cover is what appears to be Crysis' trademark nano-suit pattern. One poster pointed out the buildings in the background look like New York after being destroyed in Crysis 2.

This isn't the first time we've heard about Crysis 3. In February an EA job ad suggested Crysis 3 was in development to be published under the EA Partners label, as was the case with Crysis 2.

And German developer Crytek has teased a major announcement for April. Crysis 3 looks like a solid bet.

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