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Crysis 2 special edition to cost £130?

Comes with a nano-suit backpack.

Pictures of what appears to be a Crysis 2 limited edition bundle have appeared on a German retailer's website.

According to PlayFront.de, as translated by our chums at Eurogamer.de, the pics appeared on Webhallen.com but have since been removed.

The "Nano-Edition" appears to include a nano-suit backpack measuring 46cm by 34cm. It also comes with a 20cm Prophet statue, a 176-page art book and a steel-style gamebox. Plus there are some online goodies included, such as immediate access to higher ranks, unlockable items, an exclusive dog tag, a SCAR hologram and a weapon skin.

The packshot PlayFront got hold of is for the PS3 version. There's no word on whether the PC and Xbox 360 games will also be available as limited editions.

PlayFront puts the price for the pack at €158, which is around £130 in the old money. Crumbs.

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Crysis 2

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